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PU - Glass Fiber Honey Comb (Thermoset)

The process involves spraying honeycomb boards and fiberglass with PU then pressing them together in a heated tool to complete the chemical reaction.  This process allows us to manufacture light sandwich components with high load bearing capacity, high temperature resistance and dimensional stability.  By incorporating different type honeycomb core with different glass density in our PU process our team of experts develops solutions that maximize cargo space, functionality and performance while minimizing the mass.  Our carousel process, unique to SA Automotive, provides high production flexibility critical for lower volume programs.  Typical applications include cargo covers, load floors and seatbacks.


ProBond™ (Thermoset)


Our exclusive ProBond™ process is mainly used for headliners and fixed package trays applications.  It involves pouring PU chemical into a slab foam carrier and adding various layer of material such as: chopped fiberglass, fleece, adhesive and fabric.  The uncured composite is then compressed to it final shape into a heated tool before being trimmed and laminated with the decorative fabric.

Our ProBond™ process is flexible enough so we can modify the construction to meet our customer particular requirements.  It also provides high temperature resistance and exceptional dimensional stability.