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The RIM Coating Technology Center (RCTC) at SA Engineering Technology Center in Livonia, Michigan is the first of its kind demonstration, development, validation and pilot production facility for RCTC in North America. SA Engineering Technology Center plays a critical role in helping OEMs and Tier Suppliers to overcome the barriers to adoption of innovative coating technologies and the broad commercialization of Direct from Mold “Class A” Parts*. 


Whether an upstream material supplier, process technology provider, tier supplier or downstream manufacturer, Ruhl is uniquely positioned to help develop, validate and implement efficient and effective strategic business development programs to achieve your growth goals. At SA Engineering Technology Center Ruhl provides in depth actionable insights, business development support, innovation management, and investment for advanced materials and advanced manufacturing related opportunities in RIM PUR.


Votteler has developed individual, sophisticated coatings systems for each of their furniture, automotive and consumer business areas. It’s this specialist knowledge, together with their advanced technology, which allows them to work side-by-side with their parnter  SA Engineering Techonology Center and customers – providing solutions to meet their demands and exceed their expectations.


Hennecke CLEARMELT production lines at SA Engineering Technology Center offer users an equally innovative and efficient plant concept for the effective finishing of support elements by coating with transparent or colored polyurethane or polyurea systems in the RIM process. In this way, users get a scratch-proof, resistant and functional surface structure for decorative parts in the automotive industry, the consumer goods industry and for countless other decorative elements. Furthermore, thermoplastic molded parts can be directly combined with decorative films, functional or veneer elements. Finishing using transparent or colored polyurethane or polyurea systems can be achieved in the same production cell.


As the global market leader ENGEL is the exclusive provider of state-of-the-art injection molding machines and automation for the SA Engineering Technology Center to guarantee the best equipment for trials. With experts on process engineering and applications consulting located at the ENGEL office onsite, we are available to support your innovative projects and find solutions for your production challenges. A cutting-edge training center is open for your team, conveniently located in the Detroit area. The classroom content can be customized to specific requirements. 


MuCell® product development capability is available at the SA Engineering Technology Center on three state of the art ENGEL machines with the  latest T-series gas dosing systems: 285T Tech, 660T Wide Platen with core back, and 1000T Wide Platen with core back. Trexel onsite technical staff will also provide R&D and mold trial support for customers interested in evaluating TecoCell™.